This website is dedicated to my father Neil W. Blaylock Jr. who was killed in an auto accident on October 27, 1998.

My father was the smartest man I've ever known and his impact on this world was felt far and wide.  His passing was not only a loss for my family, but for hundreds and hundreds of friends and coworkers across the country.  Not having his love, kindness and words of wisdom in my life has been a hard thing for me to deal with over these past years.  Creating this site has allowed me to keep his memory and his love for Classic Dodge pickups alive!

My father's 1965 Dodge D100 Utiline was his pride and joy for many years.  He would purchase my mother a new Dodge ram every other year, but refused to get himself a new truck.  His Utiline was purchased dirt cheap from a local phone company back when I was about 16 years old (I'm in my 30's now).  It took us weeks to scrap all the South Texas mud out from under the truck when he first got it.  That time under the truck are some of my strongest memories of him to this day.  The truck was given to me after his death and is currently in the process of receiving a frame off restoration.

Below you will find various pictures, articles and other memorabilia regarding my father and his 1965 Dodge!  The Dodge is mentioned in many of these articles including the "survived by section" of his obituary.  I've marked the sections of the articles where the truck is mentioned.  I hope you enjoy reading about my father and his truck.  He was a great man!

My father loved his property in Seguin, TX and so did "Old Blue", here's a few shots of the him at the property!

  more to come...

Following his death, there were numerous articles written on him and the accident.  I've selected a few that actually mention his truck or the accident specifically.





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